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About Us


Rose M. Reynolds, Content & Copy Editor

Rose started editing for Hadley Rille Books in 2007.


Laura Ripper, Content Editor

Laura started editing for Hadley Rille in the early 2010s. She is also an avid crocheter. Visit her page Phantom's Crochet Creations.


Debi Carbaugh Robinson, First Reader

Sherry Stapleford, First Reader

Since 2005, Hadley Rille Books has been publishing Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Archaeological Fiction.  Our critically acclaimed authors craft a variety of worlds with complex characters, including everyday people who face extraordinary challenges.

    Most of all, we are proud to give True Heroines (tm) a home. Most of our novels, novellas, and short stories feature women of all ages and from all walks of life who play key roles.  Looking for your next favorite book? You’ve come to the right place! Browse our titles and join us in the great journey of imagination.

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